March Favorites

I’ve been asked by a few people to do a post about my favorite products, so here are my Top Five products that I absolutely can not live without.

Top 5 Hair Products

1. Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair. This little leave-in conditioner is AMAZING. It’s also a heat protectant so great for blow dries and using hot tools! This product has Quinoa proteins in it and repairs damaged hair up to 26% with each use! This saved my LIFE last year when all my hair broke off.. *insert sad emoji here* It truly helped to repair my hair and I don’t think I will never NOT use it. It can be found HERE, or at your local Aveda Salon.

2. Aveda Brilliant Damage Control. This is THE BEST for detangling and a great foundation for basic styles. When I worked for an Aveda Salon, my clients know that this was my absolutely f-a-v-o-r-i-t-e product.  I used this in every clients hair! Damage Control is a heat protectant and paired with Daily Hair Repair- It is to die for. Your hair will feel so silky and smooooooooooth, ALL day. The scent of this product is so good I literally think I could curl up and die happy inside this bottle.  Jasmine and rose, so relaxing and invigorating. I use this so often that I only have about 1 centimeter left in my bottle. This can also be purchased a your local Aveda Salon, or here.


3. Kérastase V.I.P Volume In Powder. Dry Shampoo meets Medium Holding Hairspray… What more could a girl ask for!! This creates the best texture for second day hair and gives just the right amount of hold for tousled or structured styles. This doesn’t leave any unwanted residue (like most dry shampoos) and really helps to cut the second-third day grease.  VIP also helps create volume so you can achieve your “Victoria’s Secret” hair goals. VIP is available here, or at your local Kérastase carrier.


4. Kérastase Masquintense Thick Hair. If you have dry hair or severe split ends, this stuff will save you! Especially in the dryer climates (I’m talking to you, Coloradans).  I don’t know about you guys, but my hair could dry in 10 minutes by itself after getting out of the shower.  Needless to say, we live in a drrrrrrrry state ladies. (also men, if you’re reading… HEY!) A little of this goes a very long way.  Masquintense is one of the most moisturizing products I’ve ever used.  It makes my hair feel like velvet. Every. Damn. Time.  I’ve had the 200 ml tub since December and even with using it every day, I still have pretty much the entire tub left.  Worth the price. Cant live without this. This can also be purchased at your local Kérastase Carrier, or here.


5. Unite LAZER Straight. Let me start off by saying Unite was one of the first product brands I got to work with when starting my Hairstylist Career. It is sulfur, sulfate, and sodium FREE. This product helps with straight blow outs, it is so moisturizing and conditioning, and it smells just like coconuts and vanilla. MM MM MM. Unite is so crafty that their website directs you to salons that distribute their products and where to buy online, ON THE SAME PAGE! Here it is. Thank you, Unite, for making my typing fingers do less copy and pasting. *insert smiley here*



I’d just like to take a minute to explain why stylists urge you to buy products in the salon. I know a lot of people get tired of paying salon prices on products, and that they would rather go buy them at Walmart, Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, The Grocery Store, etc etc.  But I would like to educate those people about this.  All products sold in the stores listed in the previous sentence are black market products.  What I mean by this is SOMETIMES people will purchase professional products then resale them on eBay, depot, whatever else – then they make it around to those stores.  Other times, the products are completely and totally black market and have none of the original ingredients in the product.  I’ve known stylists that have done tests on products found in convenient stores and the results aren’t the most wonderful. You get what you pay for! Always remember that we aren’t pushing the salons product for our own benefit, we are pushing for you.  Get away from the Black Hair Market! Don’t go to the dark side!


stay sassy ladies.


How to go from BLACK BOX to Platinum

Sorry for psyching you guys out but…




(in one day)

This is another thing that I hear and see everywhere.  “Ive box colored my hair with Black Dye for years… I really am trying to go platinum blonde and I don’t want to see any red. I also have a price point of $90.” I see frequent Facebook Statuses and Tweets asking for recommendations on cheap salons and cheap stylists.  I promise you, all hairstylists cringe  when they read these posts. It’s not just about the money in our paycheck, its about the integrity of the clients hair! We don’t recommend take-home products just because we have to, we recommend because you NEED them.  We don’t give you a high price point just because we pull it out of our ass… Think about this – If a commission hairstylist haircuts are between $35-65, and your session going from black to blonde takes 3 hours and you want to pay $90, we are not making our usually hourly rate.  Hairstylists need to get paid too! Not to mention, in that 3 hours, I could have done 3 haircuts and made THREE times as much money as I did on your hair.

That being said –
The process going from black to blonde WILL take multiple sessions.  Everyone loves Khloe Kardashians beautiful blonde but she didn’t get there overnight.  Khloe is a great example because it took her about a year and a half before she got to her beautiful ashy blonde. 8af5b795b3e3541d584c23acbcd463b7

Khloe Kardashians’ hairstylist, Jen Atkin, is a firm believer in Olaplex and the integrity of hair. For those of you who haven’t heard of Olaplex, or have, and have absolutely no idea what it is, here’s a hair lesson for you:

Olaplex is the holy grail of hair, in my honest opinion. Anytime that a hairstylist lightens or colors your hair, the disulfide bonds in your hair are broken! (Yes, your hair has 3 different bonds that make up the entire hair strand). But more specifically, the disulfides are broken… When perming, coloring, lightening, toning, etc.  With excess lightening services or having your hair lightened incorrectly, your hair can ultimately loose its wave pattern, your hair can start to break off, or it can be resistant to heat. Sometimes ALL of the above can happen.  SO – Olaplex is like a security blanket.  It is an additive that is mixed into hair color and lightener. As your hair is processing, Olaplex helps to “build bonds” and “reconstruct broken sulfur disulfide bonds.” Ultimately at the end of the process, Olpalex forms a new disulfide link between the two sulfurs making the hair stronger and healthier.
ANYWAYS – Sorry to bore you with chemistry that you may or may not understand… but I’m getting to the point. Olaplex is costly, so it adds about $25-$35 to the service.  At least in the salon I work in.. other places could charge more, or charge less.  Ive started to use this in all of my color services and let me tell you, it makes a world of difference.

Okay, okay, I lied.. theres just a little bit more of background information..
When lightening hair (Lightening is the same as bleaching, lightening just sounds better), your hair goes through the seven stages of lightening. The seven stages of lightening are the underlying pigments underneath your hair color.  Us hairstylists refer to this as the NRP. NRP= Natural Remaining Pigment… These are the pigments that are naturally in the hair.  Have you ever had brown hair and wondered why you could see red in the sunlight? Or blondies, have you ever seen too much yellow (You’re lying if you say you haven’t, or your hairstylist just slays the game).. thats the NRP! So when lightening, hair is entirely exposed to that!  Making it difficult to go from black to beautiful luscious platinum.

OK getting to the point, it takes time and effort to get to beautiful blonde!  It doesn’t take overnight, nor should it take anywhere shy of a month.  Color Corrections entail a lot of brain power from stylists on how-to NOT get you to bright orange. Be appreciative of the time your stylist wants to put into your hair.   A good stylist will not take you from black to blonde in one day. The will lighten you once,  tell you to come back in three-four weeks.. lighten you again, and so on, until you reach your hair goal. They will also discuss after care and take home products with you, LISTEN TO THEM! You will need that purple shampoo they are trying to sell you. Be ready to spend the money and take the time. The longer the process the healthier your hair will look and feel. Ask your stylist about Olpalex as well! This will absolutely ENSURE a beautiful, healthy, silky, hair texture. Cheap hair is NOT good hair, and GREAT hair is NOT cheap!

To Shampoo.. Or Not To Shampoo

The most “famous line” that my clients say is, “I HAVE to shampoo my hair everyday, if I don’t it gets really greasy.” DING DING DING, you are CORRECT! The reason this happens is simple science.. Well not really science but here’s why!  Shampoos are designed to cleanse your hair of dirt, oil, wax, hair products, and maybe some twigs if you #OptOutside.  SO, shampooing your hair strips your hair of the natural oils your hair follicles create, called Sebum. Shampooing everyday strips more Sebum and your hair follicles start to OVER produce those oils, causing excess grease!

Once I tell a client this, I usually get a shoulder shrug and a response along the lines of “yeah I’ll try..” I know I know, its tricky to not wash your hair everyday. Yes, you will have a few greasy days.  Yes, you’ll feel a little dirty the first time you don’t wash.  Yes, you’ll have slight trouble trying to find a hairstyle that works WITH your grease.  But, Im here to answer these problems!

I shampoo my hair every 4-5 days and I LOVE it.  My hair color lasts longer, my hair feels more healthy, it is more conditioned, etc etc. It took me awhile to get here because I never really understood what a Co-Wash was. I hated the feeling of dry shampoo.. trust me, if you’re reading this and you wash your hair everyday, I was once like you. It’s okay to hop in the shower and just get your hair wet! Co-Wash, which I mentioned above, is where you only condition your hair! Yep, thats right, get in your shower and add some conditioner to those ends! This is AH-MAZING for people with waves or curls!  The dirtier, the better.  Adding conditioner just gives your ends more moisture to hang on to!

The first day of a shampoo I wear my hair straight, usually I can get two days out of straight hair.  If I wake up with some hairs out of place I just pick up my straightener and straighten what I need to.  The third day I curl my hair, beach waves, as is the new trend.  The fourth day I do a top knot, or I do space buns. The fifth day is wash day. WASH AND REPEAT!

Listed above are a few pictures of how I wear my hair. I do have short hair so its a little bit easier for me to go a long time without washing.  You will have to get yourself into a schedule, like mine, based on the hair you have and how much grease you can handle.  It WILL absolutely take a few weeks to get used to your new hair routine. If you have to wash every other day – thats great! Thats a huge start.  Slowly push yourself to see how many days you can stand your greasy hair! You will feel so rewarded once you don’t have to wash everyday.  You’ll be thanking me in a month or so when you love your new hair routine! Curls also hold better with dirtier hair, and braids look more sculpted.

Some of my favorite second day products are the following:

  1. Kérastase V.I.P Volume In Powder. This stuff is to die for.  It is a voluming hairspray that I absolutely love to spray all over my clients head after adding beach waves.  It gives waves amazing texture and if you apply more to the root, you will get extra lift! This can be purchased at any L’Oreal Salon or Kerastate Carrier, or HERE!
  2. Unite Beach Day. Unite is a European based company that is completely sulfur, sulfate, and sodium FREE! Beach Day is a texturizing sea salt spray, it works best when your hair is damp – dry.  So – for the curly heads I mentioned earlier, this would be ideal for you.  Second day shower with no wash, spray in some Beach Day, scrunch, and you’re good to go! But if you want extra texture, spray in while dry and scrunch up the existing waves! You can purchase HERE!
  3. Kérastase Spray à Porter. My FAVORITEEEEE guys oh my goodness, I can’t get enough of this stuff.  This spray paired with VIP, is the best remedy for fun texture. Spray on dry hair, you only need about 3-5 sprays and you’re all set! and you can purchase HERE!
  4. Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo.  This product give me life.  No joke.  When I worked for an Aveda based salon, this was absolutely my “go-to” product. Most dry shampoos have PROPANE in them, yes… propane. I definitely do not want that in my hair. This product is 99% natural derived from plants and flower extracts.  The only thing that is not recyclable on this product is the cap! How crazy.. Anyways, rant over – This is the BEST dry shampoo product to not make your hair feel gritty/dirty.  This product you can use to soak up excess oil by puffing (I guess it would be called puffing since its a powder and not a spray??) the powder onto the root of the hair.  You want to hold this dry shampoo 2-3 inches away from the root when applying.  You can also use this to add texture to second day hair! This is great for beach waves! You can purchase this on Aveda’s website here! They also give you 15% off your first order!
  5. Design.ME Puff Me.  This product is a little more on the gritty side.  It’s a great volumizer and great for soaking up excess oil, although this is NOT a dry shampoo it works in a similar way.  Be careful, you don’t need a lot of this! Ask your stylist to purchase this one for you or get it on Loxa Beauty!

I encourage all of you to try out these remedies! If you have any questions feel free to leave comments or express your concerns through a message on my Facebook page!


This is the excerpt for a featured content post.

Hey everyone! My name is Emily, I am a hairstylist based in the Colorado Springs area – Working at Le Reve Salon & Spa.  I have been a hairstylist for the last 3 1/2 years.  I have such a passion for my job and I wanted to share my knowledge with you all!

Over many weeks I’ve thought out some cool ideas to put into play. One of them being a blog for the average woman and/or man! Ive created this blog in hopes to help YOU with all your beauty needs.  I will cover hair how-to’s, hair concerns / frustrations, best products for hair types, basic make up, extensive make up, etc.  If you have any ideas for a posting, or you just have a question about what the heck to do with your hair, I’m your girl!